Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well its 3:01AM on a Tuesday early early morning, and I'm at the house surfin the net, playing with gimp (this cool photo editing program, like photoshop but its FREE :]), downloading music, watching t.v. and eating frosting, chips and cold pizza. I would be working, but those fxckers decreased my hours so I only work 4 fxcking hours this whole damn week. FOUR FXCKING HOURS?!?! Yeah, whatever. But hey, a job is a job and I'm lucky to even have one so I won't complain (except when I blog. LOL).

Hmmm... other than that the break seems to be going okay, except for one thing... SETTLING INTO MY OWN PLACE?! I made the mistake of relying on friends too much and now I'm not even sure where things are headed. I though shit would be settled already, but things just don't go according to plan, but I'm praying that the Lord help me and I know things will eventually (a word thats been stuck with me for a while) work out. God's delays are not denials, and I know that I am on the Lord's time.

As the second semester of my third year at Chaminade draws closers, I'm finding myself growing increasingly nervous. A lot of things will be happening this semester and I really don't know if I'm ready for it; if I have the time and energy, if I have the resources... downright I'm just nervous. Plus, I have several personal goals that I hope to reach this semester and well, lets just say that this one will be a RIDE (thats what she said)! I only pray to get through it with success and swiftness so that I can go home :)

Thats all for now, folks.

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