Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scenes from Home

So I found these pictures in my albums and they really hit the spot. They’re pictures I took when I was at home a year ago, and looking at them now really makes me miss home. On the real though, Samoa (both American Samoa & the Independent state of Samoa) is a true beauty. I mean, I’ve been living in Hawaii for little over three years now and it really is amazing here, but Samoa just has this raw, traditional and natural appeal that I haven’t seen in Hawaii. But yeah, enjoy the pics.

Peace Easy!

A quick pic…

So while I was at the Sullivan Library at Chaminade University, I snapped this picture while I was standing on the second level of the building. It shows the Sullivan Library “field” and beyond that, Eiben Hall.

I must say that, although CUH has given me headaches and heartaches (and still continues to do so! lol!) it still is one of the most beautiful campuses I’ve ever seen. Much of our landscape beauty is owed to the great maintenance/landscaping staff CUH is privileged to have!

  CUH1a (1)
Isn’t it beautiful? Really shows off a true Hawaiian Summer day :)

Financial Aid

Financial Aid: these two words can be both blessing and curse. And in my current case, its a dreadful and irritable curse.

So, like most college students, I can hardly afford to attain a Baccalaureate degree. Basically, for the past three years in college, I’ve been making it by on federal financial aid, parental support and other friendly sources of income. However, without financial aid, my college education would vanish.

So today, I find out that my FAFSA (basically an application to qualify for federal aid) was somehow rejected. So I go see the Financial Aid office at our school and they tell me just to make the corrections and resubmit the application…

So, twenty minutes ago, I was on the site attempting to correct what they said were the reasons why my application was denied, and well… NOTHING WORKED! The normal application was confusing, but making corrections was just downright impossible! I didn’t understand the questions and after I tried to correct the FAFSA it ended up seeming worse than before.

Needless to say, I’m frustrated. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED. I hate FAFSA with a passion. I hate financial aid. And I hate the fact that I’m not super rich and that I have to go through this bullshit. *ugh*

Well, I’m going back to the FinAid office and hopefully they can help me understand these corrections and fix them up. I NEED FINANCIAL AID! This is my last year in college and I can’t afford for everything to screw up right now.

Pray for me folks :)

Peace Easy

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back On The Scene

Hey! So I’ve been missing for a while on the blog scene. Yeah, yeah, I know. But its been a hectic past few weeks and besides that, I’ve been extremely lazy. Extremely! Speaking of laziness, I’ve been getting stressed out about things I’ve left undone and now its back to kick me in the ass. Word of advice: Never leave anything you should do today for tomorrow… real talk! I know it sounds like some corny piece of advice, but its the truth. Procrastination never turns out for the best. (Wtf am I talking about? I’m sitting here, blogging, while I have a paper to do?! LOL!)

Anyway… I went to Samoa for like three weeks and it was amazing to be with family. Being back in Hawaii isn’t the same, but its something I need to do. Another thing I need to do? Get a job… again, being a lazy ass isn’t getting me anywhere. FML!

Ah well. More detailed posts are to come. Stay tuned! Hey, maybe even some videos :)

Peace Easy.