Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back On The Scene

Hey! So I’ve been missing for a while on the blog scene. Yeah, yeah, I know. But its been a hectic past few weeks and besides that, I’ve been extremely lazy. Extremely! Speaking of laziness, I’ve been getting stressed out about things I’ve left undone and now its back to kick me in the ass. Word of advice: Never leave anything you should do today for tomorrow… real talk! I know it sounds like some corny piece of advice, but its the truth. Procrastination never turns out for the best. (Wtf am I talking about? I’m sitting here, blogging, while I have a paper to do?! LOL!)

Anyway… I went to Samoa for like three weeks and it was amazing to be with family. Being back in Hawaii isn’t the same, but its something I need to do. Another thing I need to do? Get a job… again, being a lazy ass isn’t getting me anywhere. FML!

Ah well. More detailed posts are to come. Stay tuned! Hey, maybe even some videos :)

Peace Easy.

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