Friday, November 21, 2008


i 3LP, yeah you know me! :)

Chaminade University's Semesterly Awakening Retreat #20 will be taking place this weekend! It will be the culmination of months of hard work, prayers and preparation. It will be my 5th Awakening (including my original... "#16: Got Faith?" woo hoo!) and with every time comes a new experience. Being on the leadership team on this awakening retreat really opened my eyes to all the planning that goes into it and what goes on 'behind the scenes.' Although there are several changes that will be taking place during this retreat, I remain excited and hopeful that everything will work out. Life has a funny way of doing things sometimes, and I know everything will turn out for the better. This has been a stressful ride for me, considering my many situations, but no matter what I may be feeling or thinking, the success of the retreat is always paramount in my priorities. It is worth all my stress and hard work if this retreat touches just ONE retreater... my work has been done. I ask you guys out there to please pray for the retreat, its success, and also in allowing God to work THROUGH US to touch the lives of the retreaters in attendance. This weekend is going to be amazing!


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