Sunday, November 23, 2008


This weekend was awesome! Again, awakening retreat came at the moment I needed it. Although it was filled with stressful, irritating, and OMG-MY-HEAD-IS-GOING-TO-EXPLODE moments, I had the PEOPLE I NEEDED there with me to cool me down and put me in the "P" zone LOL... my staff!! Yall are awesome! I'm glad I got to know some of the best crackheads in the world! :)

This weekend was stressful but it was also an eye-opening experience to how much prayer and the dependence on God can do for me. At almost every situation where I thought I would lose my cool, HE was there with me, and worked through my staff and friends, to help keep things in focus. With God as your eyes NOTHING is out of sight!

Finally, Im going to say this: I'm satisfied with the way I handled myself and I did what I did to get things DONE. I worked my ass off, especially at the last mintue and during hella stressful situations, I pulled through (due to the support of A LOT of unsung heroes). I'm the kind of leader that appreciates the FEEDBACK but I won't take the BULLSHIT. If you don't like the way I handle things, say it to my face. I might see it your way but chances are, I won't. I know when things are out of my hands and I've learned to give them up to God. I hope many of you out there learn to do the same.

But yeah... I think over this weekend I've probably had like, 7 hours of sleep. I've been cracked out on coffee, energy drinks, fruit roll ups and laughter. Its time to hibernate. LOL.


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