Monday, November 3, 2008


Sorry I haven't been posting much, but here goes the recent updates...

Halloween was awesome! I took time out to finally go see my family out in Kapolei on Friday, and I took my little cousins trick-or-treating and surprisingly, it was great! It was kind of a break from the same old "walk-and-get-drunk-at-the-waikiki-strip" deal and I got loads of candy :) It felt good to be with family and just be a kid again! No, I didn't dress up but I got candy anyway.... I was the biggest "kid" on the block (if you don't count the other Samoan fa'akamakamas out there! LOL). Saturday, me and the family drove out to Hawaii Kai to have fun at the beach and ride their jet skii... man was that AWESOME! I fell off a couple of times (it hurt a little but it was fun! haha!) and I finally got the hang of it, and when they let me drive that thing.... I was a monster! haha! I almost hit a buoy but luckily I didn't ram any divers over or anything..haha! It was a good day with great people and lots of food :D Sunday was alright... I had breakfast with the family and then I had to leave early so I could make it on time for my AR Heads Meeting (commitment and responsibility! haha!) Overall, it was a great and much needed break from all the business I'm usually around and all the shit I have to deal with.

On another note, I'm still keeping positive despite the refusal of fate to work in my favor. But I'm not backing down. Hopefully my persistence will begin to persevere, for now, think of me when you pray :)

Also, with all the relationships budding everywhere, some have asked me (how dare they!? lol) if I was going to be in a "romantic" relationship soon. My answer to that is... hell no! I am not in a time, place or moment in my life where I think I could handle any "romantic" relationship. I'm a man of priorities, and "romantic" relationships/love just doesn't make the cut. At least not now anyway. I mean, I'm at the point in life where I'm concentrated on my success, and I just don't have room for any lovey-dovey shit. I am not about to jump into something where the girl and I would eventually end up getting hurt (more her than me lol), and I am not about to put some girl in that position. I refuse to be the cause of your bitterness! LOL! But yeah, at least I'm man enough to admit that I am not ready for any kind of commitment, unless it deals with my personal development. When will I be ready for a steady relationship? Maybe after Law School when I am ready to support her ass... haha! jk :)

I think thats all for now. I didn't do any kind of homework this weekend, so I'm hoping there won't be any unpleasant academic surprises tomorrow... haha!


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