Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So, I'm at the last week of instruction and basically it blows. I have so much to do that I've been putting off for a long time that I'm seriously getting bitten in the ass!! This is the most work that I've had to do for finals week since I've arrived at Chaminade... and although my stress level hasn't peaked, I'm still resisting the urge to run down the halls of the library, screaming my f*cken head off! LOL! After this hectic week of paper writing, I have two finals to do and then take two finals next week and I'M DONE!

Oh, but the stress doesn't end there!

I need to find a job. Pronto. Anything, Anywhere would be awesome at this point. I'm spending most if not all of my summer here in Oahu so I NEED A JOB to help with the expenses and shit. So anyone with anything out there... let me know!

Alright folks. Its back to the books for me.

Peace | Easy

ps. Facebook is the devil when you're trying to write a paper! LOL

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