Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Temporary Release;

Alas! at my predicament
This inevitable situation
A series of growing problems
And unsolvable complications.
I'm lost amongst the misty waves,
A ship without a sail
Losing sight of all direction
A tireless fight with no avail.
Imagine, if you will
Standing in sinking sand
Such is my dilemma
And I've let it get out of hand.
A smile I must keep
Masking all the pain,
A cape upon my shoulders
To disguise the heavy gain.
Who is to blame for these troubles?
Is it I who carries this weight?
Or am I a victim of circumstance,
A powerless pawn of fate.
Everything has been analyzed
And my head reels with doubt
But the burden on my heart is the greatest
A continuous pain I'd rather live without.
Each morning remains mundane
Each day is not fulfilling
I long to escape this monotony
But my Self is stubbornly unwilling.
So I remain anchored in reality
And I'm left with asking WHY
Must I continue my search for purpose?
Or simply wait for my turn to die.

1 comment:

LiTaNiA said... sad as this blog may sound, i really, really like it. i think a lot of ppl can relate to it including stupid lambs and masochistic lions:) LOL. keep writing, its inspriring.