Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Love to me

Love to me is commitment,
Believing that our kiss fifty years from now
Will be just like our first;
Love to me is honesty,
Not the duty of being transparent
But the truth of being open;
Love to me is security,
The ability to protect love--
Our greatest treasure;
Love to me is blind,
Freeing yourself to the darkness of imperfections
And letting the light of love guide you;
Love to me is compromise,
Building a bridge across difficulty,
Even though we may not see eye to eye;
Love to me is sacrifice,
Not merely the ability to surrender
But to surrender and trust wholeheartedly;
Love to me is patience,
And knowing that through love
We can outlast anything;
Love to me is God,
And a heart lost in Him
Has the ability to love forever.

[idk what this is about. or why. LOL]

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Young Sumo said...

crackin poem my man keep it going

-Young Sumo