Monday, December 1, 2008

Over it.

Stressing again. And no, its not because of finals. Believe me, I handle "finals stress" pretty well. Its the fact that fate decided to bring all my situations crashing down on me ON finals week! I wish my head were bigger so that I could distribute the worry evenly throughout it. I wish my heart were bigger so that I didn't feel this much pain all at one time. *sigh* Ah well. Everything comes to pass. I guess its the wait thats killing me, because Heaven knows I don't have the patience to see all of this shit play out. Ah well...

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Young Sumo said...

keep your head up homie, look at it this way, its like what people say "God wont put you through anything that you cant handle" maybe this is God's way of teaching you how to be patient, because you said that you dont have the patience, so God is giving you a chance to be patient, i know its a lot easier said then done, but homie check this story out.

Just like you i am a little impatient sometimes, so i prayed on it and asked God to help me. I was voulenteering at the YMCA in kahala, and was impatient with a lot of things in my life. I kept praying and asking God to give me patience, I prayed on it for at least three months and nothing i have seen gave me the time to be patient. Well i was talking to a friend of mine, telling her how the children i worked with was always demanding things and wating things done that moment. I would get easily fustrated and very irritated about it. She asked what was wrong and why i was so fustrated and impatient, and i told her, "that ive been praying to be patient, i keep asking God to give me patience, but he has never given it to me". She then told me "maybe God is giving you the answer your just not seeing it". I told her "your crazy i havent been patient not one bit. she responded with "God has given you sittuations where you need to learn to be patient, he's not just going to give it to you". at first i didnt really quite understand, but then it hit me. God gave me the children that i worked with who were impatient, to teach me to be patient. sometimes we need to take a step back from everything look and realize what God is trying to tell us. i know, i know its a lot easier said then done, but homie just remember that through thick and thin God will be there, God will provide, you know you can always count on Family Business to help with that too. Just remember to keep the faith and believe..."If God is with me, Who can be against me!!!"

- Young Sumo

P.S. Love you bro (No Homo)