Monday, December 8, 2008

Off Guard.

Today was an interesting day. I'm still trying to understand everything but idk... God will work a way, right? Heres a blog that I wrote for MySpace on April 21st, 2008. I just think its ironic how it applies to me right now. Holla.

I am blessed. When I really sit down and think about it, I've come so far in this life than most people have in their lifetimes. And its not that I've never known that I was blessed, but I guess it was the fact that I let my struggles and trials shadow my progressions. Consistently I find myself dwelling on things that I should just let go, and also worrying about things that are out of my control. I let my problems overcome me that I begin to believe that they are bigger than what they seem. I know God would never give me a situation He knows I cannot handle, and I know that each time I come through, I grow.

Yet lately I've let the stress and the problems in my life become larger than what they were, and I began to lose sight of where I was going. I worry a lot, and if things aren't done right by my way, I begin to worry. I worry when life gets out of hand for me, and then I also worry when life tumbles out of control for many people, especially for my family. I worry about my aiga a lot. I know its natural, but at the same time its frustrating to know that they DESERVE to be at a better place in this life, and I can't do anything to help them.

But right now I'm giving it up to the one who controls all things.... slowly but surely I'm beginning to realize that I CAN'T do everything myself; I've been worrying about so many things that have been out of my control, and the most, and the BEST thing I can do is offer it up to the Lord. He is my Rock and my Salvation, and He never ceases to bring me through. I can be extremely impatient, and I'm slowly finding out that GOD'S DELAYS ARE NOT DENIALS. Just because a prayer isn't answered immediately, does not mean that it is not going to be answered. God's timing is the best timing, and He will do what is needed for us when the time is right, all we have to do is believe.

I guess I'm writing this as a reminder to myself; when I go through the coming weeks, months and years ahead, to never look down upon myself but to always count on God. To realize that I am blessed every time I take a breath of fresh air, every time I wake up to a new day, and every time I see the beauty of another's smile... I am blessed. To never let my problems and circumstances overcome my goals and to not take so much upon myself. If God put you to it, He will bring you through it.


For those of you with finals, I hope you guys get through them with ease. Don't get too stressed out and remember that either way, it will all be over soon.


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