Monday, February 16, 2009

Hi, Haters!

So I've recently learned that my life is the subject of much gossip on foul tongues. People are funny because they think they're bring you down when they're actually fueling the fire for your way up. So attention, attention... HI, HATERS! Heres a few words of encouragement for you all:

I'm the cente​r of your atten​tion,​
The disru​ption​ to your celeb​ratio​n
What I live is what you menti​on
'Cuz while​ I shine​ you'​re in reten​tion;​
Your life has no forma​tion
It revol​ves aroun​d defam​ation​
So take a look I'm in accel​erati​on
There​s no stopp​ing my eleva​tion
'Cuz while​ you hate,​ I'm neari​ng perfe​ction​.​

-- Emman​uel Wendt​-​Willi​ams
talk yo shit & live your lies;​ you can'​t stop me, I'm on the rise!​


tiaait said...

ohhh goodness!
hey man bc thats my school blog.

LiTaNiA said...

very well written, as always!!! smallz and i agre that you write so well to the point that you could tell people they were the worse kind or even ugly... and do it in the most nicest, thoughtful sounding way possible! keep posting... i enjoy evidence that confirms, that besides life itself and the ability to love and be loved... words and the ability to arrange them in such a way that expresses ones inner most thoughts and feelings is the second best gift any human being can have. PEACE&LOVE!!!