Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Moderation in Progression...

So its another blog/spiel about my life blah blah blah. Its my blog and I'll write what I want, gumdammit! :] Anyway, did I mention I'm settling in? Yeah, it feels good to have a place and bed to call your own. Everyone needs a home away from home, and I've found mine :) However, having finally acquired a place, I feel even more pressure; the pressure of having to be super-extra-duper-good-careful with how I handle my finances. The almighty dollar and I have a love/hate relationship. Before, when I was an RA, I was living the life (well, at least I thought so). I lived and ate for free, and every semester I got back huge sums of refund checks which made up for the meager checks I got for being an RA. I spent the money as I saw fit and now that I look back at it, I realize what an IDIOT I've been.

Now, I work one job, paying about minimum wage, and on top of a phone bill, I have rent and upkeep expenses to deal with. Of course, the obvious solution would be to go out and get another job, but I can't due to how busy I am this semester. And asking the parentals for money is out of the question for me; I hate that option. They have their own worries to deal with and I refuse to be one of them.

My only available avenue? Cut back. I'm remembering a phrase my mom always used to say when, as I kid, I would spend and want what I didn't need nor have. In Samoan she would lecture: "Ola fa'a tagata mativa." In English: "Live like a poor person." My mom lived and breathed that motto. She would only buy what we needed and spend wisely what we had, and on occasion, there would be a treat. Growing up, my siblings and I got the best of what we needed and if we wanted something, we had to work for it ourselves. My mom's life is all about budgeting and prioritizing; always making sure you have enough for all the needs before you think about what you want.

So that what I'm going to do. Cut back on what I don't need and start getting my finances in order. Its moderation in progression... or maybe I'll continue my progression with the practice of moderation. Haha. I think its true when they said too much of a good thing can be bad... in this case, money. haha.

Who knew growing up would be so difficult... and come in so many stages! lol

I'm out.


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