Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stress in, Stress out!

Ok, so finally having an apartment is cool... I mean, its what I've been waiting for since... well, since I haven't had a place to stay. But now I have to worry about rent and other expenses that come with such a living. But I have a job, so no big, right? Well, not in my case! Because of school work and the extra-curricular responsibility that I decided to take on this semester, I had to cut back on work hours... and I mean HELLA cut back. I've been trying to find a job on campus but there hasn't been word yet, most likely because of my RA incident.... damn f**ks!

So yeah. I'm stressing. You might not see it everyday, but I am. And what I don't get is that I KNOW shit is piling up but I just can't seem to get stuff done until the last minute... maybe its because I've always done things that way but now that won't fly.

Just when I thought things were getting better, life throws a curve ball at me.


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