Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stupid Cupid,

This is just a funny pic I found on another blog and I thought it would be cool to repost in lieu to this Valentines Holiday. Of course, I myself am not too big on this lovey-dovey holiday, but that doesn't mean I should rain on everyone else's parade, right? Haha. Maybe not...

Anyway, for everyone out there who has something special worth celebrating, more power to ya! Just don't f**ck it up. For everyone else, lets just get through this ONE day with all this stupid cupid crap (lol) and then get on with our lives.

Enjoy your day of chocolates, roses, scented candles and kinky lingerie! Haha.

Peace | Easy.


LiTaNiA said...

...LOL!!! funniest blog i've read so far... if you were vonne... i'd say "bitter!!!" but ur not... consider urself lucky. PEACE&LOVE

H.T.W said...

lmao. thanks!! :)