Friday, October 10, 2008


The weekend is upon us, but it don't feel like it. Maybe its the fact that I haven't had a good nights sleep since Tuesday. Maybe its the crappy weather. Or maybe its just an omen that this weekend will suck. Well, I'm praying it doesn't. I'm anticipating many things these coming days: catching up on homework & my studies, White Sunday (on Sunday, duh!), a long deserved HOLIDAY (thank the Lord for Columbus! haha!) and especially looking towards actually doing something I've been looking to do since the longest time everrrrrrr-errrr-errr. LOL. I mean, it might not be the way I expect it to be, but hey, beggars can't be choosers! haha!

Speaking of White Sunday, I suppose some of you don't know the actual concept behind this special "Samoan" Sunday. They way I explain it flows like this: You know how theres a Mother's day and a Father's day? Well White Sunday is sorta like a Children's day, so to speak. In Samoan we call it "Lotu Tamaiti" which literally translates to Children's Sunday. We call it White Sunday in English because all the kids (and when Samoans say "kids", they mean anyone who is under 30 and/or doesn't have children. LOL) get decked out in the whitest & cleanest ie lavalavas and puletasis.

On White Sunday, the kids do memory verses, and sometimes sermons, sing songs, lead prayers and perform skits. After the morning service, the family throws a huge feast for the children, and this may be the only time the kids get to eat what they want. When I say huge, I mean it in every sense of the word... the parents go ALL OUT with the food its crazy! (Maybe that explains why we're so big. LOL) For the evening service, the older kids (a.k.a the youth) usually put on plays/skits from the Bible or stories pertaining to some Biblical lesson.

All this talk about White Sunday makes me hella miss home. Growing up I DREADED White Sunday. I wasn't the most outgoing of kids, but when White Sunday came around, you threw your shyness out the door..... or your parents threw something at you! LOL. Fo'reals! We had to memorize lines and lines and lines of Bible Passages, more lines of songs (WITH actions!) and also your lines in the skits and plays. And Samoan parents really expect a lot out of their kids when they go up on stage to recite their memory verses (more like a sermon LOL), sing their songs and act out their parts in the play. And you weren't allowed to be shy, to cry and to say you didn't want to do it..... because you really DON'T have a choice in the matter. HAHA! Besides, the amount of food and treats you receive usually depends on how you do up on that stage. Believe me, when it comes down to it, its a great motivator! haha!

Ah well... no matter how much I may miss Samoa, I know I'm out here for my family and I gotta do the best I can here... for me but especially them. Family is everything in Samoa and they only come second to God, who is first in our lives and hearts.

Damn. I wrote more than I intended to. If this was a paper I'd edit some shit out, but yeah.... I won't. So read the damn thing. HAHA!

Have a great weekend homies and fa'sho I'll keep you posted if anything interesting happens :)

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