Friday, October 17, 2008


My midterms are OVER! *Hallelujah Chorus plays triumphantly in the background* How did I do, you ask... well, lets just say in a war, you win some and you lose some, but I guess I gained more than I won (I hope!). I'm just glad its over! In my two-and-a-half years in college, none of my classes had midterm exams. Sure, there were midterm quizzes (which were usually take-home) and papers, but never exams. But hey, there is a first for everything. But my academic nightmare hasn't stopped.... I have papers due this week and, needless to say, more homework. But I'm trying to keep the stress at bay...

On a brighter note, I finally got pictures of my nephew from my sister!! He's all growed up and his hair is WILD... just like his favorite uncle. I'm so ecstatic that heres an introductory pic:

You won't believe how much I miss him and as excited as I am to see him again, I don't think I wanna attempt to carry him 'cuz my baby is getting big! Seeing new pictures of him just made my day. It's funny how someone so small can affect me in such a big way. Thinking about or seeing my nephew, or hear him on the phone really brings things into focus for me and gets my day going. I love you mini-me! :)

Other than that life has been the same: ROLLING. The only thing for me is that the ball is rolling uphill... but not to worry, directions change.

I'd also like to offer shout-outs to:
* Camille on her 21st Birthday yesterday! Sorry I missed your dinner and I know you're going to be the funnest legal person I know :)

* Moresa on her 20th Birthday today! OCEAN, ia, fai fa'alelei lou happy birthday gagei... but tomorrow night, we TEAR IT UP!!!

* Ivoga... I mean, PRINCESS Ivoga on her 21st Birthday tomorrow (today, actually, since its 12 o'clock). What're we doing? OH... OH... OH... DUH! We gonna do that! What else is there to do? LOL. Lets go to Waianae and do how the Waianae-ans do! Hahaha!

Aight. Gotta hit the sack.

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