Saturday, October 4, 2008


People have been irritating me all damn day, and if I knocked someone's lights out, I swear I wouldn't be regretting it any time soon. People are funny. They're like a bunch of scattered glass, and you have to be careful to step around them but not ON them, just in case they break. People love drama. Girls love drama. Guys love drama. Yo mama loves drama. I admit I get drama in my life, but I like to keep that shit on the D.L. It annoys the fack outta me when people bring drama to me. Sure I'll have an open ear (or both, if I like you) for your problems, but when you cross the line and try to bring me into YOUR SHIT... nah man, I'm not going for that business. Keep yo drama fo yo mama if you don't know how to handle it. Get over your damn high school shit and move on. Another thing, DON'T try to get all invovled in shit you have no business putting yo big ass nose in. If it's an A and B conversation, don't try and insert your C. Me? I tell people what I want them to hear and I keep the rest for myself. The best kept secrets are the ones that are between you and God... fack man, I don't even trust the wind... haha.

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