Sunday, October 12, 2008


I'll size you up / Then chop you down / With just one word / I'll be sure you drown / My tongue is quick / My brain is faster / I'll take you on a trip / 'Cause I'm the boss' master / I walk my talk / And I talk my shit / I got shoes on my tongue / You know I run this / I'll use one word / Or I'll use plenty / You know I run first class / Bitch I'm Gentry / Whats your weapon of choice? / Don't talk before you think / 'Cause you've already lost / As soon as I begin to speak / You can tie my hands / You can gouge my eyes / But if I have my tongue / I'll never die! / People turn to dust / And memories fade / But words are immortal / 'Cause with words we are made / Do what you like / Until the end of days / But as long as I'm around / I'll always get my say.

E.W. Wendt[101208]

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