Thursday, October 9, 2008


She's got style
She's got swag
She's my homie
And I'm her man.

She sways her hips
And I see you look
You checkin her goods,
She got you hooked.

She smells so sweet
But tastes even better
I'm caught in her spell
And leave her, I'll never.

Yall can look
But don't ever touch
'Cause me and my girl,
We bad as fuck!

She's a bomb on her own
But with me she's a killah
She's the answer to all my questions,
She's my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I can't go a day without her
She's my daily medication
And at night she does amazing things
I don't ever need to mention.

What God has brought together
Let no one tear apart
'Cause this girl right here
Is the one who holds my heart.

With her there ain't no games
There ain't no playa in her eyes
I left the games to the boys
And I won a man's prize.

She's not the girl of my dreams
'Cause I'm all about reality
And what me and my girl have
Is as real as it can be.

She's got style
She's got swag
She's my homie
And I'll always be her man.

-E.W. Wendt [100908]

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