Saturday, October 11, 2008


She loves me
She loves me not
Pushing me away
Pulling me back in
She gives me no thought
She thinks she'll win
Plucking my heart
Like petals from a flower
I fall to the ground
And she'll just get another
Its easy for her
Like picking out jewelry
A different one each day
But this bitch don't know me
She loves me
She loves me not
She nags and complains
At the little shit I forgot
She won't care to remember
The Gucci?
The Louis?
The Diamonds?
The Jewelry?
All the shit that I bought!
She blows up my phone
But she won't blow me
She wants independence
But she won't free me
Complaining about commitment
But I can't commit without trust
'Cause all shes waiting to do
Is break out a bust
Trying to catch me in a lie
About who I been with
Or where I been going
It doesn't matter how hard I try
She'll just judge before knowing
She loves me
She loves me not
She tears at my emotions
Like a Forget-Me-Not
But Bitch I ain't a flower
My heart doesn't have petals
But it has a pulse
Listen to its beat
'Cause it sounds like this:
Dishes breaking
Bags dragging
You nagging
Me laughing
Footsteps walking
Door slamming
Car zooming
Me? Fucking...
Yeah, I'm with another
And this I won't regret
Not here
Not now
Not ever
Yall complain about players
Yall complain about the game
But bitch you are the reason
You made me this way!
So when you get another man
Wisely consider your thoughts
But as for me
I loved you
I love you not.

E.W. Wendt[101108]

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Young Sumo said...

damn fresh at it again i presume... that poem was crackin, id have to say i like that one better than the first one, holla at your bruh, Big Ups