Friday, October 10, 2008


So I'm supposed to be studying for a midterm tomorrow, but evidently, that ain't happening. Don't worry, I'll get to it in a minute, or an hour, or a few hours... haha! Anyway, I was thinking about the whole U.S. economic situation and even though it sounds crazy, I don't think I'm that worried. Crash or no crash, I think I'll be good. I mean, when I think about it, if the economy does come crashing down, I'll just fly myself back to Samoa and live off of my land. No Realtor. No mortgage. No landlord. Just me, the coconuts, breadfruits, bananas, taro, pigs, chickens and all that good FREE stuff. I mean, Hooray for the American Economy, but c'mon, everyone has to have a backup plan... and I'm super confident in mine (in theory at least! haha!).

Also, I've had inquiries as to what "H.T.W" signifies, which is what I sign my blogs with. Obviously it has nothing to do with my name, well not really, but it has everything to do with who I am. H.T.W. is (well, one of the many variations) my maternal grandfather's initials: Henry Trood Wendt, known to us as Papa. He was of Samoan and German descent and built his family up from almost nothing. He was a hard working individual who never settled for less. He raised 24 children (yes, that is the correct number and yes, our family reunions are crazy... at least in theory because we haven't had one yet due to the humongous-ness of our family. LOL) and several of the mulitudes of grandchildren, and instilled the values to them that are still a focal point of my family. Unfortunately, Papa passed on before I could meet him, but when I hear stories of him and what he's done, I feel closer to him than ever. So there it is... H.T.W.

Alright, alright. Back to studying. Pray for me yall. And my prayers with all of you who are taking midterms. Ace that shit and give Chamiande a run for its money! Haha!

Shoutout to my bruhs... Family Business... for keeping shit real and starting me on this blog shit. Now I can't stop. Hahaha!

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