Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This weekend more or less went the way I planned. I did the whole have fun part but hella neglected the study and homework part (that is totally gonna bite me in the ass!). White Sunday was off the hook!! I hella regret not participating this semester, but I will in the future. This weekend was sort of like a "Samoan" Weekend for me. It was fun to just cruise with my LOS/Samoan Aiga these past few days. I mean, to just cruise with people who you can talk to in Samoan and especially remembering all those "when-we-was-little-white-sunday" stories from back home felt really....great. It felt like I was back home :) Monday was especially great because I got to spend it with my Samoan Aiga, chingin, drinking, eating, playing games, laughing, talking and just relaxing and having a good time. I hope more days like this are to come. haha!

On another note, my life is still in a standstill, so to speak. I mean, I'm trying to move forward and progress but this shit is harder than I thought. Which means I just have to try harder and harder. I know things will pull through, but I just need to work harder and get the forces to work in my favor. "With God with you WHO (or WHAT) can be against you?" I trust and believe that my Lord will pull me through.

Also, as some of you may noticed I've also been posting poetry in my blogs. First, YES I write all my pieces. Second, NO they are not all derived from personal/real experiences. I'm inspired by everything and everyone around me, so the poems might not be about me at all.... it might be about you! haha!

Other than that... midterms SUCK! And I hate being busy with all this stuff, and I'm trying to take one day at a time. HOLLA to all those people (Friends & Family) who've kept me on the right track and helped me out in these difficult time. I LUH JUUU ALLLL! LOL.

Aight. Gotta hit the books. (or sleep on them. haha!)

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Anonymous said...


You write some really nice (and some not so nice) deep pieces.
I read most, and I was wondering
if they all really happened to you.
Guess I got my answer after reading one of your posts.

Nice, I like the way you think.
And may I ask, how do you do it?
Obviously, you're very, VERY, inspired.

Oh, well, I guess. I could never write like you, so maybe that's why I like wat you write.